Reader Rewards

Reader Rewards is a free mobile loyalty app designed by Bauer Media exclusively for Connections newsagents.

It is easy to join, use and be rewarded from, so your customers will love it.

Designed to reward your customers for their loyalty to magazines as well as reinforce newsagents as the number one destination outlet for the category, Reader Rewards is fully funded by Bauer Media and there is absolutely no cost to you or your business.




With Reader Rewards, your customers can now use their mobile phone as a loyalty card to collect "Reward Stars" for any eligible Bauer magazine titles purchased at participating Connections Newsagencies in Australia. 

Once customers collect 5 stars they will be able to redeem their 6th magazine free of charge.

Reader Rewards is available across over 55 Bauer Media titles including market leading brands such as the Australian Women's Weekly and Woman's Day.

The program is funded by Bauer Media which means there is nothing for you to pay and you will be reimbursed for all magazine titles you provide to your customers free of charge.

Reader Rewards is simple to use for both you and your customers.

There are two easy processes to follow;

1. Collecting Reward Stars 

Step 1. Customers download the free app to their smart phone from either the iTunes app store or Google Play.

The customer then finds their closest participating newsagent, which can be located through in-app mapping or though store signage you will be provided with in your launch pack.

Step 2. Customers select which magazines they are going to purchase from an extensive menu of over 55 participating Bauer titles.

Step 3. Customers then use their smart phone to scan the Validation Card that you will receive once you have signed up to be a Reader Rewards newsagency. The Validation Card is your store's unique signature, so keep it safely clipped to your register behind the counter. This card is attached to a retractable lanyard to allow you to easily present it to your customers when required.

Step 4. Simply process the purchase like usual, and accept payment from the customer.

Step 5. The customer will receive their Reward Star.

Customers can also make multiple purchases in the one transaction. If making multiple purchases, they will receive one Reward Star for each magazine purchase.

Once a customer earns 5 Rewards Stars, they will receive an offer for their free Bauer magazine.

2. Redeeming a free Bauer magazine

Step 1. To receive their free magazine, the customer simply selects which Bauer title they wish to redeem.

Step 2. To process the redemption and ensure we have the necessary information in order to reimburse you for the complimentary copy, simply  scan the barcode that is displayed on the customers phone screen and then scan the magazine's barcode as usual. If you are not able to scan the barcode you can enter the numerical digits that are displayed under the barcode

Step 3. The final step is to provide your unique Validation Card for the customer to scan. This will ensure that the app reconciles the redemption and you will receive your credit for giving away the complimentary magazine.

Your customer will then receive their magazine completely free of charge!

For Frequently Asked Questions and more information on how to use Reader rewards in your store, visit the Help Centre

To learn more about how easy it is to use Reader Rewards, watch the video below! 

Free and easy to use, Reader Rewards is about bringing you and your customers closer together by rewarding shoppers for purchasing magazines from your store.

Advantages for you

1. Attract new customers and build existing customer foot traffic

2. Reinforce newsagenmts as the number one destination outlet for the category

3. A unique opportunity exclusive to the newsagency channel

Advantages for your customers

1. Provide your customers with a simple, easy to use app that takes the concept of a "stamp card" into the online world

2. Rewards your customers for repeat purchases - each time, every time

3. Adds value to their magazine purchases

More than 55 eligible titles
With Reader Rewards customers can purchase and redeem any of Bauers 55+ magazines, featuring many ofAustralia's most loved titles.

A message from Matthew Stanton, CEO - Bauer Media