Relocation Policy

Full service account - Retail outlet and territory management

A full service Agent can relocate their store within the territory boundaries they currently service. Bauer Media require 30 days written notice of the move in order to update Agent's records and ensure that deliveries are made to the correct address from the date of change.

A full service Agent closing their retail premise and continuing with the distribution aspect of their business must provide 30 days written notice to Bauer Media. Bauer Media will require new Bauer Media Retail Agreements to be completed and for Agent's records to be updated.

Retail only account - Retail Specialist Only

A retail only account wishing to relocate premise must provide 30 days written notice for Bauer Media to review. If this is approved, new Bauer Media Retail Agreements must be completed and Agent's records will be updated.  

Agents who relocate without obtaining agreement from Bauer Media will be in breach of the Retail Agreement and may have their supply terminated.

Please email with any questions relating to these policies or to notify Bauer Media of any relocations you may be undertaking.